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High Security AIO PC with Anti-Spy and KVM to avoid hacking, data breach and system destruction | Serving over 300 customers across various industries, we provide integrated IT products and solutions that help businesses to thrive and dominate the market.

Military AIO PC, Government AIO PC

Military Grade High-Security AIO PC

High Security AIO PC with Anti-Spy and KVM to avoid hacking, data breach and system destruction

Hibertek All in One PC with Anti-Spy function can avoid hacking efficiently since more international hackers gain access to a government's or big company's computers through the Internet to do the cyber-attack, data breach, and system destruction.

All in one PC with software security like TPM and vPro that protect your data.

Hibertek designs two independent systems in a single All-in-one PC chassis to ensure the safety of institutions like the military, banks, government institutions and airlines. Each system has its processor, memory, SSD, HDD, and Operating System. The System Number One is used for Internet browsing, while the System Number Two is for employees' internal work (Intranet) without an Internet connection. Thanks to the two systems working independently, hackers cannot access the government's or company's database or destroy the systems through the Internet. A toggle button allows the user to toggle between the two interfaces, so the keyboard and mouse can control two separate operating systems.

In addition, Hibertek has the know-how and experience to design military-grade security All-in-One PCs, with options like up to 128GB DDR5 or DDR4, dual display via HDMI-out or DP-out, battery for data security, camera and microphone switch off for anti-spy (or remove the camera and microphone), chassis intrusion, cable cover with screws, BIOS encryption, multiple COM ports, Smart Card Reader, or even a tailor-made PC to meet the unique security requirements.

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Military Grade High-Security AIO PC | Industrial All-in-One Computer Manufacturer | Hibertek

Based in Taiwan since 2013, Hibertek International Limited has been a manufacturer of all-in-one computers. Its main touch and non-touch screen PCs include, Military Grade High-Security AIO PC, computer monitors, commercial style desktop CPU powerful performance all-in-one PCs, desktop all-in-one PCs, multi-touch panel all-in-one computers, industrial touch screen computers, ultra thin all-in-one PCs, POS all-in-one touch screen computers, which are designed to supply to all sectors, such as IPC, IoT, POS, factory automation, medical and education.

Hibertek is a company with a passion for creating All-In-One PCs and All-In-One Touch Computers. We deliver the best quality and cutting-edge designed products to our customers, helping them build their own local brands and expand their business scope worldwide. We work together with our partners to design, create, and produce All-In-One PCs, integrating all possibilities into a single product and bringing in business opportunities.

Hibertek has been providing its customers with high performance, powerful, beautiful, and user-friendly all-in-one computers, both with advanced technology and with 10 years of experience, Hibertek ensures that each customer's needs are met.