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After Service

After service

Afte Service Process

Hibertek prioritize your satisfaction and stand by the quality of our products. We have well-planned Warranty and RMA Service for every All-In-One PC you buy.

 all-in-one PC warranty

All-In-One Warranty

  • Chassis: 3 years
  • LCD: 2 years
  • Motherboard: 1 year

For a comprehensive 3-year full warranty, we provide a spare parts list. Customers have the option to purchase additional spare parts to preemptively address any unforeseen malfunctions.

All-In-One PC RMA Service

RMA Service

Hibertek offers the most thoughtful and convenient All-In-One RMA service, with the fastest speed to solve the case.

RMA All-In-One PC

1. Initiate RMA Request:

  • (1) Customers experiencing issues with the computer product contact the support team to initiate an RMA request.
  • (2) Support personnel gather detailed information about the issue, including product details, serial numbers, and a description of the problem. Hibertek will provide initial troubleshooting solution.
PC After Service

2. Approval and Authorization:

  • (1) If it is still unsuccessful, and the issue requires further attention, the support team approves the RMA request.
  • (2) Issue an RMA number and provide shipping instructions for cases where the product needs to be returned.
All-In-One PC After Service

3. Repair:

  • (1) Hibertek RD team copies the issue and performs a detailed inspection to identify the reported issues.
  • (2) Conduct necessary repairs or replacements based on the inspection findings.
After Service product shipping

4. Product Shipment:

  • (1) Ship the repaired or replaced product back to the customer, along with a detailed report of the performed services.
  • (2) Provide tracking information to the customer for visibility.
all-in-one pc quality control

5. Quality Control:

  • (1) Hibertek perform quality control checks to ensure the product meets the required standards.
  • (2) Test the product to verify that the reported issues have been resolved.
client feedback

6.Customer Feedback:

  • (1) Collect feedback from the customer regarding the RMA process, service quality, and overall satisfaction.
  • (2) Use feedback to continuously improve the RMA process and customer support services.
PC After Service

7. Documentation and Close:

  • (1) Document all RMA transactions for record-keeping and analysis purposes.
  • (2) Analyze RMA data to identify trends, common issues, and areas for improvement in product quality or support processes.

After service | Taiwan Industrial All-in-One Computer Manufacturer | Hibertek

Hibertek is a manufacturer of customized all-in-one computers. We specialize in touch/non-touch screen PCs designed to supply to all sectors, such as IPC, IoT, POS, factory automation, medical and education.

Hibertek is a company with a passion for creating All-In-One PCs and All-In-One Touch Computers. We deliver the best quality and cutting-edge designed products to our customers, helping them build their own local brands and expand their business scope worldwide. We work together with our partners to design, create, and produce All-In-One PCs, integrating all possibilities into a single product and bringing in business opportunities.

Hibertek has been providing its customers with high performance, powerful, beautiful, and user-friendly all-in-one computers, both with advanced technology and with 10 years of experience, Hibertek ensures that each customer's needs are met.