How to win the government AIO PC tender? | Innovative All-In-One Barebone PCs: Your Industrial and Government Solution

Hibertek AIO PC supports CKD, SKD, CBU, Barebone, and tooling transfer for our clients | Serving over 300 customers across various industries, we provide integrated dekstop PC solutions that help businesses to thrive and dominate the market.

Hibertek AIO PC supports CKD, SKD, CBU, Barebone, and tooling transfer for our clients

How to win the government AIO PC tender?


Hibertek has collaborated with regional partners to win government contracts and bids. When working on big projects, our professional teams and customers work together to set the AIO's specifications, build a prototype product according to those specifications, and then deliver the finished product to the government for testing. After completing any necessary alterations and receiving feedback from the government, we will begin production to meet the tender deadline.

For government bids and tenders ranging from small to medium in size, our customers give us the specifications for the tenders and the target pricing. To increase our chances of winning the bids, we provide a model solution and do a cost analysis. Because of the rising number of government programs that call for locally manufactured goods, we assist our customers by providing them with technical advice and AIO materials. We build and ship the AIOs using the complete knock-down (CKD), semi-knocked-down (SKD), and wholly finished unit construction processes (CBU). Regular meetings between our sales and project management teams and the production teams of partners that buy CKD from us allow us to keep an eye on production quality and make adjustments to increase local yield rates.

In terms of long-term life cycle support, many government and commercial projects require a 5 to 10 years warranty. To meet these requirements, we collaborate with our business partners to plan the product's long-term life cycle support, including the expected and scheduled spare parts shipments.


Hibertek best DIY concept all in one computer : Easy-disassemble with easy-release stand, screwless back cover and removable HDD for best user-friendly AIO PC.

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How to win the government AIO PC tender? | Why Hibertek's Modular All-In-One PCs Are Ideal for Your Business Needs

Established in 2013, Hibertek International Limited is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of all-in-one PC solutions serving the industrial, government, and commercial sectors. Known for its innovative product development, Hibertek offers a range of customizable PCs, including modular, touchscreen, and barebone models. With a focus on durability and leading-edge technology, their products are designed to increase operational efficiency and reliability, positioning Hibertek as the preferred partner for integrated display solutions that demand precision and rugged performance.

Hibertek International Limited specializes in manufacturing high quality, customizable All-In-One (AIO) PCs tailored for various sectors including industrial, commercial and education. Based in Taiwan, the company leverages innovative technology and design to provide modular all-in-one PCs, touch all-in-one PCs, AIO barebone PCs, industrial all-in-one PCs, and commercial all-in-one PC solutions. Hibertek focuses on partnerships to enhance local brand development and global business expansion.

Hibertek has been providing its customers with customizable AIO PCs, both with advanced technology and with 10 years of experience, Hibertek ensures that each customer's needs are met.