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Toch screen all in one pc

24" / 27" Touch All-In-One Cosumer Style

24" & 27" Touch Screen PC: USB3.0 TypeC quick charge, front IO ports, Windows Hello camera, height adjustable stand.

15 Aug, 2023 Hibertek
24" / 27" Touch All-In-One Cosumer Style

24" / 27" Touch All-In-One (GI24/27) is a new concept of All-in-One Touch PC. for comsumer
It provides a user-friendly front IO port to connect devices, no need to find IO port on back side of PC.
Elegant Look, slim side body, and lighting circle for low-profile feeling.

Touch All-in-one pc

Special Features
● Easy-access front IO with typeC quick charge
● Internal Hello Camera for quick face log-in and noise-cancellation recording in call.
● Beautiful lightning circle to provide luxury feeling
● Lockable cable cover makes working environment dust proof and safe from stolen.
● Ergonomic stand help adjust monitor to a comfortable level.
● Special tool-less quick release designs of back chassis and stand save the production time and cost.
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Touch All-in-one pc

24" / 27" Touch All-In-One Cosumer Style | Touch & Non-Touch Screen PCs Manufacturer | Hibertek

Hibertek is a manufacturer of customized all-in-one computers. We specialize in touch/non-touch screen PCs designed to supply to all sectors, such as IPC, IoT, POS, factory automation, medical and education.

Hibertek is a company with a passion for creating All-In-One PCs and All-In-One Touch Computers. We deliver the best quality and cutting-edge designed products to our customers, helping them build their own local brands and expand their business scope worldwide. We work together with our partners to design, create, and produce All-In-One PCs, integrating all possibilities into a single product and bringing in business opportunities.

Hibertek has been providing its customers with high performance, powerful, beautiful, and user-friendly all-in-one computers, both with advanced technology and with 10 years of experience, Hibertek ensures that each customer's needs are met.