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all in one pc product

Product Review

Our Product Advantage

Hibertek focus on developing high quality All-In-One PC. The stability, along with comprehensive after-sales service, our products have taken some majored market field arounf the world, and on the growth. Let's take a look at what will be done to give birth to an All-In-One.

Quality Assurance all-in-one

1. Quality Assurance Testing:

We conduct thorough testing to ensure our All-In-One PC meets quality standards, including chassis, design details, IO ports, PCBA. Also, we make sure this desktop meets the specifications.

Performance Evaluation

2. Performance Evaluation:

We assess how well our All-In-One PC performs based on predetermined criteria. Our All-In-One needs to pass a series of tests to be qualified as a good desktop.


3. Compliance and Regulations:

Our All-In-One PC complies with industry regulations, safety standards, and any legal requirements, including FC, CE, RoHs, EnergyStar… If your company needs specific certification, Hibertek will make sure our PC meets the needs.

PC Market Research

4. Market Research:

We analyze market trends and competitive products to make sure our All-In-One Desktop meets client’s requirements and needs from the market. From the design of chassis, color, ergonomic features to specifications, we do thorough research to born AIOs that fit in different circumstances.

All-In-One Supply

5. Supply Chain and Logistics:

We often review the efficiency and reliability of the supply chain, including the manufacturer and logistics. We make sure that our customers get products on time. With some stable products, we can even do short lead time.

Feedback from Customers

6. Feedback from Customers:

We value all customers’ opinions. Therefore, we are happy to hear clients’ feedback and improve with it. Also, we identify areas for improvement and implementing strategies for ongoing product.

With these procedures, our All-In-One PCs are going better and better. Hibertek is also gradually known by clients around the world. Hope you can join us in our innovation!

Product Review | Discover the Benefits of Customizable AIO PCs for Professional Environments

Established in 2013, Hibertek International Limited is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of all-in-one PC solutions serving the industrial, government, and commercial sectors. Known for its innovative product development, Hibertek offers a range of customizable PCs, including modular, touchscreen, and barebone models. With a focus on durability and leading-edge technology, their products are designed to increase operational efficiency and reliability, positioning Hibertek as the preferred partner for integrated display solutions that demand precision and rugged performance.

Hibertek International Limited specializes in manufacturing high quality, customizable All-In-One (AIO) PCs tailored for various sectors including industrial, commercial and education. Based in Taiwan, the company leverages innovative technology and design to provide modular all-in-one PCs, touch all-in-one PCs, AIO barebone PCs, industrial all-in-one PCs, and commercial all-in-one PC solutions. Hibertek focuses on partnerships to enhance local brand development and global business expansion.

Hibertek has been providing its customers with customizable AIO PCs, both with advanced technology and with 10 years of experience, Hibertek ensures that each customer's needs are met.