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Global exhibition attending

Global Exhibition Attending Plan

See our global exhibition attending plan below:

20 Apr, 2023 Hibertek
 Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2023
Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2023 (Autumn Edition)

Promotion on 24” and 27” All-In-One model, with every custom specification.

Exhibition Information
Date: 13th Oct, 2023

IFA Berlin 2023
IFA Berlin 2023

The latest AIO model with narrow bezel touch and new IP6x touch All in One for industrial use & special project.

Exhibition Information
Date: 2nd Sep, 2023

Computex 2023
Computex 2023 Taiwan - Featuring the latest tech trend exhibition

Newest 27" FHD and QHD All in One PC first launch in event and first glance of DIY assemble All in One.

Exhibition Information
Date: 2nd June, 2023

All in One PC DIY
Intel Partner Connect - Bangkok

The first even after the pandemic to discuss with buyers face to face for the latest model launched in 2023 with intelligent features.

Exhibition Information
Date: 11th Oct, 2022

Extend IO port All in One PC
Computex 2019 Taiwan

Upgrade B series AIO with multi-choice IO port location for customer to choose based on requirements.

Exhibition Information
Date: 28th May 2019

All in One PC with easy open chassis design to save cost
Intel® Solutions Summit 2019 - Denver

Tool-less concept of AIl in One PC of B series first meet customer in Intel event, eye catching slim design and easy open chassis idea brought positive feedback from customer.

Exhibition Information
Date: 21st March, 2019

UPS concept All in One in computex
Computex 2018 Taiwan

The first launch of UPS concept AIO U24 in event to commercial client for critical industry use and successfully won tender for bank and government project.

Exhibition Information
Date: 5th June, 2018

Capacitive touch All in One in computex
Computex 2017 Taiwan

Ready for touch AIO with upgrading T series AIO of whole screen size to capacitive touch potions and front IP65 specification.

Exhibition Information
Date: 30th May, 2017

Portable All in One in computex
Computex 2016 Taiwan

Brand new design of P series AIO which integrated portable concept to design, with ultra slim chassis and foldable stand for customer to move AIO easily, the best choice for home use.

Exhibition Information
Date: 31st May, 2016

All in One PC from Intel solution summit EMEA
Intel® Solutions Summit - EMEA 2016, Netherlands

Thin Mini ITX AIO of T series AIO with 21.5" and 23" contracted with local OEM for corporate project and education in Europe.

Exhibition Information
Date: 26th April, 2016

Micro-ATX AIO PC in computex
Computex Taiwan

Newly launched 23.8" Micro-ATX AIO for government projects which support extended PCIe cards, provide customers with add-on special functions such as fiber card and ethernet card.

Exhibition Information
Date: 2nd June, 2015

POS Thin Mini ITX All in One PC
Intel® Solutions Summit - EMEA 2015, Abu Dhabi

Thin Mini ITX AIO of T series AIO with 19.5" contracted with local university and retailer chain stores in Europe and Africa.

Exhibition Information
Date: 28th April, 2015

electronic fair
Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2015 (Spring Edition)

The first new launch of Thin Mini ITX AIO of T series from 19.5", 21.5" to 23" family look design with elegant piano finishing, brought great business and customers' attention.

Exhibition Information
Date: 13th April, 2015

Global Exhibition Attending Plan | Touch & Non-Touch Screen PCs Manufacturer | Hibertek

Hibertek is a manufacturer of customized all-in-one computers. We specialize in touch/non-touch screen PCs designed to supply to all sectors, such as IPC, IoT, POS, factory automation, medical and education.

Hibertek is a company with a passion for creating All-In-One PCs and All-In-One Touch Computers. We deliver the best quality and cutting-edge designed products to our customers, helping them build their own local brands and expand their business scope worldwide. We work together with our partners to design, create, and produce All-In-One PCs, integrating all possibilities into a single product and bringing in business opportunities.

Hibertek has been providing its customers with high performance, powerful, beautiful, and user-friendly all-in-one computers, both with advanced technology and with 10 years of experience, Hibertek ensures that each customer's needs are met.